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Maintenance can be an expensive function, but badly planned and poorly performed maintenance can incur significantly greater costs to an organization. Recent years have seen an increasing pressure to “reduce the cost of maintenance”, but this pressure frequently generates a push toward fixed cost reductions without sufficient consideration of the consequences on plant performance, production costs, asset life and even HSE. Some initiatives achieve short-term fixed cost reductions, but cause longer-term issues, such as poor reliability, that have a far greater adverse impact on bottom-line profits. In addition, the majority of fixed cost reduction programs fail to achieve sustainable benefits, yet another sign that achieving cost effective maintenance is far more difficult than anticipated. This course is based on established best practice from best-in-class companies and leading consultants. We have developed best practice models and frameworks to bring structure and guidance to this challenge. The complex maintenance functions will be broken down into smaller components so that these can be analyzed, explained and understood more easily.
To survive in today’s world of 'lean and mean' operations, we cannot wait for breakdowns. As a matter of fact, we should make responding to breakdowns the exception in our daily workload, not the norm. A successful and effective maintenance operation has to break away from the 'fix it when it breaks' mentality. The ultimate goal of the maintenance department should be to 'stop' things from breaking, increase assets availability and reliability and do so with the lowest possible cost. This has certainly put an immense pressure on the maintenance department management team. In this course, various best practices will be presented that deliver the above objectives.
This course covers the construction, operation and controls of gas turbines giving participants the knowledge needed to operate, maintain and troubleshoot gas turbine systems. Participants will first learn about the gas turbine cycle and will then dive deeper into construction, operation and maintenance techniques. Topics discussed will include the operation and maintenance of the air inlet and filtration system, the pulse cleaning system and the evaporative cooler. It will also include the various operations of the turbine control panel, the operator mode commands and the operation of the protection systems. Participants will gain an understanding of all the different components of a turbine necessary for the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of gas turbines.