We will work with your business’s management staff to create a program that is just right for you. To Achieve Improvements in People, Performance & Profits.

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Elelyon Corporate Solutions are geared towards both private and public organizations that need an upgrade in corporate skills and develop their employees according to Sector- or Industry-specific training needs. Over the years, we have been providing quality short -term learning Programs that address client’s specific Training demands and organizational goals. We help source the right Training Providers for In -House Training and Employee skills Development Training courses.

All corporate solutions are developed and delivered by thought-leading Experts and Academics; we offer real-time training that addresses pressing issues identified in new and emerging markets-trends.





As a professional training and consulting organization, ELELYON exists to improve professionals by building the capability of people throughout the world.

To provide quality tailor made capacity building and consultancy services through training, team building and research. To make a significant contribution to the entire Nigeria business environment through quality professional development
To be a globally reputable provider of high quality and professional education, training and development services
Excellences:We work on always surpassing the expectations of our clients and staff members. Integrity: We strive to be transparent and honest in all that we do


Elelyon offers conferences and trainings ranging from exploration & production, surface facilities, business, oil and gas training and other related modules.

In House Training - 70%

Conference - 90%

Public Seminars - 80%

Consulting - 75%

Procurement- 50%